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Safriel House is a family owned wine house that is founded upon a passion for, and working experience of South African vineyards and wine making.

We would love to share our story with you, so make sure you read about how we came into being, who we are and the story behind our labels.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (Previous vintages: 2017, 2016)

The winemaker of our Cabernet Sauvignon is not shy for an opinion, his winemaking philosophy is “Every winemaker must have a philosophy of some kind, if we don’t, then we can just as well call ourselves food technicians according to mine." On searching for the best terroir: "Each component adds to the final product - pure, honest, awesome wines."

South African Red Wine

There is a basis for his opinions. He comes from a long line of farmers and winemakers in the Paarl/Perdeberg region (north of Stellenbosch). He cut his teeth as an assistant at Uva Mira, when the estate won Young Winemaker of the Year. He then moved on to be the lead winemaker at Slaley before achieving the Cape Wine Master Certification and branching out on his own with a passion for finding the perfect combination of grapes and terroir. The seriousness leaves his face and he brightens up when he speaks of his favorite place – his home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Pringle Bay, surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The Vineyard and Wine

Overview: Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are traditionally planted near the valley floor as it was too cold for grapes to ripen properly at higher elevations. Climate change has made the valley floor warmer than in the past. To recapture the cooler climate that makes for complex balanced wines, we decided to make a new Cabernet Sauvignon from high altitude vineyards.
The grapes used to make this wine are sourced from a unique vineyard situated in Elgin, at an altitude 750ft to 1050ft above sea level, and managed for ultra-premium quality. The vineyard grows on a steep southern slope and is exposed to cool afternoon sea breezes, which results in slow ripening, yielding soft tannins and balanced, elegant fruit resuling in a modern, fresh Cabernet Sauvignon.

In Detail... Elgin Vineyards in the Mountains
Varietal: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: Elgin
Vineyard Clone: CS15C / CS15 M
Soil: Hutton and Clovelly
Elevation: 750ft to 1050ft
Yield: 4.5 to 5.3 tons/acre
Trellising: Smart-Dyson trellising
Irrigation: Drip irrigation, only used once as there is more moisture and rain at the high altitude of Elgin.
Harvest: Hand harvested (no space to get machines in).
Cooling: Kept on skins with cooling for 3 days.
Vinification: Natural yeast only, no commercial yeast or acid added. Open cask fermentation, manual punchdowns and pump-over, pressed after alcoholic fermentation, transferred to oak after malolactic fermentation.
Oak aging: 26 Months in 50% new French oak, 50% in older oak with new inserts, all 500 liter barrels. French oak barrels from Alliers and Nevers, mixed treatment (medium toast plus).

Technical details: ALC - 14 % VOL; pH - 3.4; RS - 3.4 g/l; TA - 6 g/l





Lynne Safriel's thoughts: "This is my 'any occasion' wine. Even people who don't usually drink red wines will enjoy this"






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