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Safriel House is a family owned wine house that is founded upon a passion for, and working experience of South African vineyards and wine making.

We would love to share our story with you, so make sure you read about how we came into being, who we are and the story behind our labels.


Chenin Blanc 250 mL Can  Integrity and Sustainability Certified

Chenin Blanc can

    Sustainable viticulture, natural yeast fermentation.

    Evokes the magnificence of Cape Town in summer and as natural as the African bush.

    Modern 250 mL can packaging. Not a drop compromised on craft winemaking.

    Come walk on the wild side with us. Channeling our African roots, our cans of gnarly old bush vine Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc are flavorful, fun and fresh. And for a similar price range as the mass-produced chemical wines, you can get a vineyard-to-table wine in a can that is certified for sustainability and integrity and made with an emphasis on avoiding artificial additives.
    Chenin Blanc bush vine

    The Vineyard and Wine

    Made from 20 year old dry farmed Chenin bush vines planted in soils of decomposed granite and shale, al from the illustrious Swartland appelation. The grapes are handpicked and fermented spontaneously using naturally occurring yeasts.
    Technical details: ALC - 12.5% Vol; PH - 3.5; RS - 2 g/l; TA - 5.7 g/l

    Tasting Notes

    A bright, crisp, and clean wine reminiscent of a warm summer's day. If you do pour it into a glass, expect a deep straw color that points towards both ripe freshness and complexity. The nose brings tropical and stone fruits first, eliciting thoughts of tangerine and lychee. The palate is round and fleshy with lychee again, along with white peach, apricot & green apple. The finish is long, soft and affectionate.

    Pariring Ideas

    Pair with It’s impossible not to be swept away by this swoon-worthy Chenin Blanc, especially when paired with some delicious homemade food! Enjoy this aromatic white with equally aromatic southeast Asian fare - coconut and lime curries, Chinese lemon chicken, sweet ‘n’ sour pork or tofu and Pad Thai would all be excellent options. Chicken and lemon tagine, roast cauliflower or cauliflower soup, and all kinds of white fish and seafood dishes would also do the job perfectly.





    Lynne Safriel's thoughts: "This wine has the spirit of the African bush: strong, vibrant and alive."





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