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Safriel House is a family owned wine house that is founded upon a passion for, and working experience of South African vineyards and wine making.

We would love to share our story with you, so make sure you read about how we came into being, who we are and the story behind our labels.


Sauvignon Blanc 250 mL Can  Integrity and Sustainability Certified

Sauvignon Blanc can

    Sustainable viticulture, natural yeast fermentation.

    75% less carbs than Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, Invivo X SJP or Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc.

    Modern 250 mL can packaging. Not a drop compromised on craft winemaking.

    Come walk on the wild side with us. Channeling our African roots, our cans of gnarly old bush vine Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc are flavorful, fun and fresh. And for a similar price range as the mass-produced chemical wines, you can get a vineyard-to-table wine in a can that is certified for sustainability and integrity and made with an emphasis on avoiding artificial additives.
    Chenin Blanc bush vine

    The Vineyard and Wine

    Harvested over two weeks in the middle of February (the Southern Hemisphere summer). The different Sauvignon Blanc batches were kept separate and underwent cold fermentation for freshness with extensive lees contact for approximately 10 months after primary fermentation.  
    Technical details: ALC - 12.18% Vol; PH - 3.41; RS - 1 g/l; TA - 5.5 g/l

    Tasting Notes

    Vibrant and fresh notes of passion fruit, passion fruit, pink grapefruit and chamomile. On the palate, a distinct minerality from this cooler climate as expected. A beautiful salinity runs through the wine with youthfulness and vibrancy on the palate which builds and encapsulates the aromas. Some beautiful depth and length adds to the classiness of this wine.

    Pariring Ideas

    This wine will pair well with any fresh seasonal salads, delicious sushi, oysters, pan seared fish and any meal on a patio or outdoors. Something different: salsa (home made best!) with lime chips.





    Lynne Safriel's thoughts: "I got discouraged with all the sad wines that are put in cans. So we made a can with the kind of quality wine I enjoy."





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